9 Benefits of Red Colored Fruits and Vegetables

I have already talked about green, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables in my previous posts so today, I am going to talk about red colored ones.

Products of the soil are an awesome approach to get numerous solid supplements into our eating regimen. Amid National Nutrition Month is eating right with shading is the subject. A week ago I expounded on the medical advantages of green products of the soil. Today the shading is red!

Red nourishments comprise of everything from organic products, including watermelon, strawberries, fruits, raspberries, apples; and vegetables like tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, and red cabbage. These vivid and delectable nourishments are blessings from nature. They offer numerous medical advantages since they have a portion of the accompanying supplements; lycopene, ellagic corrosive, quercetin, hesperidin, fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Remember, you can even get a lot of these supplements in handled tomato items too, salsa, spaghetti sauce and ketchup.


  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
  • Protects the body from prostate, cervical and lung cancer
  • Reduces tumor growth
  • Protects the body from ¬†harmful free-radicals
  • Protects the body against heart disease
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol in¬†the body
  • Support joint tissue for those with arthritis
  • Keeps one regular aiding in gastrointestinal health
  • Heart health
  • Joint health
  • Anti-cancer
  • Skin health
  • Eye health


Dark red or brilliant pink leafy foods ought to be eaten each day, suggests the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Nourishment research demonstrates that red and splendid pink leafy foods contain phytochemicals, for example, lycopene and anthocyanins. Phytochemicals, substances discovered just in plants, help your body battle illness and advance great wellbeing.

Lycopene (maintained LIKE-gracious peen) diminishes the danger of a few sorts of growth, including prostate malignancy. Watermelons, pink grapefruits, and tomato-based items, for example, spaghetti sauce, tomato glue, and tomato juice are all great wellsprings of lycopene. One out of each six men in America will be influenced by prostate malignancy, says Dr. Lorelei DiSogra, Director of NCIs 5 A Day for Better Health Program. Men who need to decrease their danger of prostate growth ought to eat sustenances rich in lycopene as a component of their prescribed 5 to 9 servings of products of the soil a day.

Other red foods grown from the ground, for example, strawberries, raspberries, and beets containanthocyanins (claimed a two-SIGH-uh-nines), a gathering of phytochemicals that are capable cell reinforcements that control hypertension and secure against diabetes-related circulatory.



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